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As leaders within University Communities, we recognise that you are under increasing pressure to achieve Net Zero and Decarbonisation targets across the campus estate, as well maintaining high standards of academic excellence and demonstrable value for money for students.

To support these aims, we deliver innovative and fully funded campus-wide energy infrastructure solutions which further support the decarbonisation pathway to net zero. Using SSE’s evidence-based Whole System approach across multiple energy and digital technologies we improve your system’s resilience, increase sustainability and reduce energy risk.

SSE Energy Solutions is a division of SSE that delivers ‘Business Energy’ electricity & gas supply as well as ‘Distributed Energy’ infrastructure solutions to public and private businesses across the UK and Ireland. The range of energy solutions and services provided through our Distributed Energy (DE) team, compliments the UK’s national de-carbonisation strategy and includes:

  • Low carbon, renewable energy generation
  • De-carbonisation of heat solutions and district heat networks
  • Private & regulated electricity network infrastructures
  • Smart buildings and digital solutions that optimise energy use
  • Fully funded and de-risked, tangible hard energy infrastructure solutions
  • A genuine energy partnership where SSE invests in, develops the solution and ensures long-term energy, cost & carbon outcomes

We are truly an energy pioneer, with a clear vision and focus to deliver a better world of energy. Part of that vision and focus is the commitment and desire to partner with the AUDE to power change in University communities across the UK & Ireland, helping to maintain your University performance metrics and to achieve your Net Zero ambitions

Latest news from SSE: 

SSE are delighted to share that we are exploring the feasibility of supplying the University of Warwick with low-carbon sustainable heat from a shallow geothermal ground source.

The project will see us drill test boreholes at two different locations on campus to validate the feasibility of a scheme that will use ground source heat pumps to provide sustainable heat, tapping into the earth's natural thermal energy, a completely renewable and green energy source, at depths of up to 350 metres.

“We have developed strong expertise in the long-term operation of large-scale open-loop heat pumps in the UK, and we are pleased to bring that expertise to our current feasibility study with the University of Warwick,” says Director of Heat Networks, Jody Pittaway, “This will give the university essential information to facilitate the energy centre design and will help to deliver the University’s 2030 decarbonisation goals.”

“As an alumnus of the University of Warwick, I’m thrilled with the University’s ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and decarbonisation. This is perfectly matched by SSE Energy Solutions’ own objectives to drive decarbonisation and to promote positive change in the higher education sector across the UK,” added Avi Baidya MIET, Client and Business Development Lead for University Sector.

Find out more about this project.


About SSE

SSE is the UK’s largest generator of renewable electricity, and we operate the most wide-spread DNO network and deliver energy services to hundreds of thousands of commercial customers. We are UK listed, employing 10,000 people and are Living Wage and Fair Tax Mark accredited.
SSE owns and operates a diverse energy generation portfolio of sites including the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the UK’s first hydrogen powered CCGT plant (with pre-combustion carbon capture), the UK’s first hydro pumped storage scheme for 30 years. We are proud to have been a Principal Partner to COP26 where we announced an increase of its investment into the UK’s low carbon energy infrastructure from £7.5bn to £12.5bn over the 5 years to 2026.


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Working with Universities

SSE Energy Solutions can support the AUDE membership through the delivery of some or all the following low carbon energy solutions. We will support AUDE members as they create world-class education facilities on a clear and demonstrable path to net zero carbon emissions:

Decarbonising Transport

We’re helping many businesses make the switch to electric vehicles a reality, working closely with partners and our external supply chain to provide best-in-class EV solutions. We are currently looking to work with Universities who want to help their local communities by providing rapid electric vehicle charging, fuelling local transport systems whilst helping to make the environment a greener place, adding an extra revenue stream to the University in the process.


Decarbonising Power

Our Whole System approach invests in, builds and connects your localised, flexible renewable energy assets to accelerate your path to net zero and to create a more resilient energy system for the long-term. We ensure security of supply, minimising network access costs and maximising value for energy asset flexibility.


Decarbonising Heating

SSE Energy Solutions has been delivering heat to residential and commercial properties for many years. We currently operate 18x district heat networks across the UK delivering optimal design, delivery and commissioning supported by industry leading 24/7/365 customer care. We provide an end-to-end heating and cooling network service for an ever-expanding portfolio of projects, while continually making sure that we’re investing in a more sustainable future for all.


For more information, please contact Avi Baidya, Head of Client Development; Universities & Higher Education:

SSE Energy Solutions – For a better world of energy


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